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Sintra has over a hundred production sites, for all purposes, across Quebec. Products extracted from our sand and gravel pits are manufactured according to desired type and size specifications. Depending on the site’s geology, they may be of a magmatic, sedimentary or metamorphic nature. Our aggregates are mainly used to supply industries that don’t have available substitutes. Most sales of aggregates are reserved for projects in civil engineering, for the concrete industry involved in the construction of industrial and residential buildings, and for the production of bituminous concrete.

Our various quarries, gravel and sand pits are exploited in an eco-friendly way, meeting the highest standards of the industry. Our sites, spread out across the province, ensure a high-quality, diversified supply.

Recycled Crushed Concrete 

Having ecological preoccupations, we tend to offer our clients products reducing their environmental footprint, like the recycled concrete coming from our construction or demolition sites. That concrete is crushed so as to be reused in various construction projects, adapted to various needs regarding granulometry and other specifications.



We produce, through stone transformation, a natural dolomitic lime stone material. This product is used, through liming, to spread lime on a soil to reduce its acidity and raise its fertility. Our dolomitic lime stone material is certified in accordance with the BNQ 0419-900/2011 standard.

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