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Health & safety at work

Safety is everybody’s business, everyone’s concern…

Because health and safety at work is a core value for Sintra, our policy, ways and procedures are clearly expressed, so as to uphold our workers’ safety. Prevention and planning are twin actions ensuring our success in this regard. Risk-taking is antithetical to our values. Each individual is responsible for the application, respect and communication of this safety value. Sintra’s two main goals are:

  • Zero accident;
  • The promotion of the health & safety culture


The Woodpecker, Sintra’s safety symbol & logo

According to North American Prairies’ native people lore, the woodpecker diverts storms and lightning bolts. The bird was worshiped, and its feathers were used in some rituals. Thus, the woodpecker symbolizes safety, preserves traditions and future generations. In ancient Greco-Roman mythology, the sight and the sound of a woodpecker were considered a hunter’s good omens. It was honored as a prophetic bird, a sacred animal associated with the god Mars guiding travellers and, legend says, it flew to Romulus’ and Remus’ cavern to bring them food. For all these traditions, as we can see, the woodpecker was symbolically identified with values of protection and security. That’s why it came to be Sintra’s representation of safety.


So, do follow the woodpecker’s way of safety!

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