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Sustainable development

Our respect for the environment

Sintra Inc. adheres to a continual improvement approach in order, especially, to lessen the impact of our activity on the environment in a sustainable development perspective. We’re among the largest recycling companies of the province, with 300 000 to 400 000 tonnes of recycled material added to our mixes. 

Environmental management

The Sintra company uses environmental management centered on regulatory compliance and the application of work methods diminishing the negative impact that our activities may have on the environment. Listening to citizens and communities directly concerned by our work sites is a constant priority. Communication with the population is a core value.

Continual improvement

An appropriate checklist is a continual improvement tool. This management system derives from the ISO 14 001 Certification of our parent company, Colas SA. Established 10 years ago in Quebec, it is based on 5 major issues: the administrative situation, organization and storage, management and control, management of impacts and hazards, community relations.

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