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Manufacture of special mixes

Rugosoft (Phonic Asphalt)

Rugosoft is an asphalt type whose macro-texture is designed to lessen the noise made by passing vehicles. It is mainly used in semiurban areas to lower, as much as by half, noise levels produced by high-speed road traffic reaching the vicinity’s inhabitants. Through its unique macro-texture, Rugosoft provides greater adhesion than conventional asphalt which substantially lowers aquaplaning hazards.

Bulk Cold Asphalt

Being a road-building leader, Sintra Inc has a substantial amount of pavement repair products at its disposal. These may be used for plugging holes and potholes, or fixing asphalt or concrete pavement crumbling. Our range of products may be used for short or medium-long term applications. Our solutions are available in a variety of formats. Contact one of our sales representatives to pick the product suiting your needs best.


Colquick is a ready-for-use asphalt type, delivered in hermetically closed buckets, for repair purposes. Colquick is suggested for repairing limited surfaces, such as potholes and localized degradations, and may be subjected to intense and heavy traffic.


Fleximix is a supple, high environmental performance asphalt. It is a lukewarm asphalt blended with bitumen containing additives that facilitate the coating process in a hot asphalt plant. Its original formula allows the recycling of asphalt aggregates, thus cutting costs. Fleximix slows down reflection cracks, provides users with a quality ride, ensures appropriate pavement structures and resists the formation of channels.


Bétoflex is a hot bituminous concrete, with high structuring power, designed for deformable supports, resisting shear strain. Being multipurpose, Bétoflex may be used for surface or binder courses, for strengthening, resurfacing or new constructions. The binder’s flexibility allows Bétoflex to withstand to most severe conditions that may be present at sites subjected to high stresses or intense and heavy traffic.


Colclair is the range of Colas colored and clear coatings made with the synthetic, hot/warm/cold Bituclair binder. Colclair contributes to the embellishment of sites, improves visual comfort, enhances safety in cities and rural areas, and stops the development of heat islands.

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