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Sintra within communities

Schoolyard modernization

Sintra gets involved in community-structuring projects like the one for the Notre-Dame school, in Lévis. The project, which was entirely financed and executed by Sintra, allowed the rejuvenation of a school playground benefiting about a hundred children.

Following an assessment of the student’s needs, eight actions were chosen to completely revitalize Notre-Dame school’s playground.


Hardhats recycled as a picnic table

On 12 May, 2012, Construction B.M.L. Division of Sintra invited the 40 municipalities with less than 1000 inhabitants to submit a project - as the way to participate in a contest entitled « Let’s create our green space » - having the environment and the community as themes.

The idea is to give a second life, through recycling, to objects that have become obsolete: an obvious contribution to environment protection. As a case in point, our old hardhats prompted creativity in two municipalities.

Our hardhats have come a long way since their manufacture… from head to head, site to site… then on the recycling path.  

Thanks to Plastiques Cascades-Re-Plast, a Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Conseil company, our reclaimed hardhats morphed into picnic tables, park benches and garbage/recycling bins.

The process used is extrusion molding. The hats are melted then injected into molds. Once they’ve cooled down, the individual pieces are extracted from the molds and assembled. The result is striking!

Our hardhats also ended their journey in Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux where their looks and usefulness changed quite a bit: picnic tables, park benches and garbage/recycling bins again… But there, they also became children play sets!


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