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We highlight the quality of our products and the speed of our service. Thanks to its own analysis labs, Sintra is able to supply a wide range of concrete types meeting all quality and durability requirements. A great fleet of truck mixers guarantees fast deliveries. And a variety of concrete products is available: high-performance concrete, colored concrete, exposed-aggregates concrete, shotcrete, bending-resistant concrete, concrete block, and much more.

Concrete Street Furniture

Sintra designs and manufactures concrete street furniture, used by many municipalities as well as by Hydro-Québec across Quebec and Eastern Canada. The esthetic qualities and proven durability of those products are acknowledged by engineers, architects and designers. Whether you think about poles, lighting fixtures, troughs or flower pots, our products need no maintenance, are resistant to vandalism and offer more than 80 years of useful life. They all meet the most stringent industry standards. Our utility poles are CSA A14-07 certified.

Poles and lighting fixtures

With more than 50,000 units churned out in Quebec over 4 decades, our spun concrete poles are primarily appreciated for their durability, with a useful life exceeding 80 years, and for their easy installation, due to their direct burial mode. In terms of flexibility, this range of products offers various colors of mortar or exposed aggregates, allowing final users to customize their street furniture. And since municipal markets are nowadays progressively converting their lighting technology to LED, which is known for its longevity, the choice of spun concrete poles to match with it seems pretty obvious if they’re looking for unparalleled durability, flexibility and resistance to vandalism

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