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Sintra is a Quebec leader in the planting of electrical distribution and telecommunications poles, for individuals or small players but also telecom corporations such as Hydro-Québec, Bell Canada and Telus among others. Each year, thousands of poles are installed across Quebec’s whole territory, that is to say over a million poles in 35 years.


Solutions for individuals, commercial sites or small manufacturers

  • Your hookup in les than 48h
  • Post-installation service
  • All types of poles
  • All types of soils


Solutions for contractors

  • Competitive prices across the province
  • Competitive prices for complete works: supply and installation of lines and planting of electrical poles
  • Planting in all types of soil
  • Planting of all types of pole: wood, concrete, steel (electrical or telecom)


Solutions for large industrial or mining sites

  • Package deal offering the construction of and a maintenance solution for medium or high voltage electrical lines
  • Post-installation service
  • Global project design

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