At Sintra, industrial output has to coexist with local plant and animal lives. Animal species, such as migratory birds, are studied and protected.  

Management of forests and agricultural lands are reflected on before, during and after exploitation. A close collaboration with agronomists and forest engineers is essential to ensure the rehabilitation of sites. 

Peregrine Falcons

Since 2008, peregrine falcons have become a priority for Sintra quarries when the species is spotted near them. 

Peregrine falcon population numbers dropped dramatically in Quebec since 1950.

Among our quarries, 6 sites annually welcome and protect falcons’ nests.

Employees are also alerted to the issue and involved in the protection efforts with the use of informational posters.

Sand martin

At our sand pits, we protect another endangered species: the sand martin. This species of swallow is attracted to the texture of the Sintra sand, installing their nests on stacks. 

So, it seemed like a sensible idea to create areas dedicated to sand martins. An area designed to take charge of a whole colony and keep it safe, without affecting our activities, was consequently created. 


At the quarry of Saint-Alphonse de Granby, there appears to be a maternity ward within the bat house. The presence of bats was confirmed by an environmental biologist who spotted individuals at the site. He then identified an appropriate place to install a bat house in order to help the species’ successful colonization.

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